Planning and Facility Siting

Siting and Linear Routing Studies
Feasibility and Strategic Studies
Resource Management Plans
Land Use Studies and Reports

Environmental Compliance Studies and Reports

NEPA Compliance Documentation (EA/EIS)
CEQA Compliance Documentation (PEA/Initial Studies/EA/EIR)
State Siting Act Compliance (California, 131D; Arizona CEC; etc.)
Clean Water Act Sections 401, 402 and 404 Fieldwork and Reports
Lake and Streambed Alteration Permits
Rivers and Harbors Act Compliance
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Consultation
FERC Compliance and Relicensing
Ministerial Permitting
Expert Witness

Cultural and Historic Resource Management

Class I (literature searches)
Class III Inventory, Investigation, Survey and Reports
Data Collection and Treatment
Historic Building and Structures Inventories and Reports
HABS/HAER/HALS Reports and Documentation
SHPO/THPO Consultation
Construction Monitoring and Inspection

Terrestrial Biology

Biological Inventories and Protocol Surveys
Biological and Botanical Mapping and Characterization
Habitat Characterization
Wetland Inventories and Jurisdiction Mapping
Mitigation Planning and Design
Biological Monitoring and Inspection

Right-of-way Services

Right-of-way Research
Federal and State Right-of-way Entitlement Adjudication
Right-of-way and Land Acquisition
Property Owner Contact and Negotiation
Damage Assessment
Right-of-way Perfection

Visual Resources Assessments and Simulations

Visual Impact Analysis and Inventory
Photo Simulations
Motion Simulations
Viewshed Analysis

Geographic Information Systems

Base mapping
Overlay analysis
Resource and Data Inventory
Routing Analysis
Remote Sensing
GPS Integration

Environmental Construction Monitoring and Inspection

Construction Inspection and Monitoring
Environmental and Best Management Practices Training
Compliance Reporting


Reclamation Planning and Design
Mitigation Planning
Restoration Inspection and Compliance Reporting

Public Involvement

Stakeholder Meetings and Outreach Activities
Public Meetings
Public Open Houses
Newsletters and Fact Sheets
Press Releases and Media Support
Comment Forms and Questionnaires
Agency and Public Scoping
Public Hearings
Door to Door Contact
Calling Numbers and Phone Centers

Graphic and Web Design

Website Programming and Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
Motion and Animation Design
Presentation Design

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